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Evolving out of Eden

Tellectual Press is publisher of Evolving out of Eden by Robert M. Price and Edwin A. Suominen.

Evolution is an undeniable reality, but it contradicts foundational doctrines of Christianity that themselves evolved into existence many centuries before Darwin. A lot of Christians are now walking a troubled middle path between Genesis and genetics, threatened with the loss of a cherished faith on the one hand or their intellectual integrity on the other. A whole cottage industry of science-savvy theologians has emerged to lead troubled believers through the hostile territory outside Eden’s comforting fairyland. Writing with the combination of high criticism and low humor that fans have come to love from Robert M. Price, he and co-author Edwin A. Suominen survey the apologetic landscape and offer their own frank reckoning of evolution’s significance for Christian belief.

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Freedom to Doubt

Freedom to Doubt is its author’s second book, and that of Tellectual Press as well. Charles Shingldecker accompanies his fellow believers on an entertaining and informative journey through the Bible, Church history, and the nature of Christian belief.

Narrow is The Way, Jesus said. It is a hazardous path, too, lined with obstacles and roadblocks that lurk in the shadows of naive fundamentalism. Chuck has bumped into many rough spots, surprised at the difficulties he never saw coming in a simplistic faith but also fascinated by the nuances of a more authentic one. Now he offers a candle to help light the way for others, to provide some comfort for those troubled Christians who feel isolated and alone in their doubts.

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A Wave of Hypercriticism

Now available is A Wave of Hypercriticism: The English Writings of W.C. van Manen, edited by Robert M. Price.

Willem Christiaan van Manen was the greatest of the once-notorious Dutch Radical Critics who went far beyond F.C. Baur and the Tübingen School, arguing that the historical Paul wrote none of the epistles that bear his name. Never refuted, his arguments have languished in untranslated Dutch and German books. His few articles for The Encyclopaedia Biblica and The Expository Times have been largely out of reach. Until now: These essays convey van Manen’s revolutionary views in a nutshell. Any reader of Robert M. Price’s The Amazing Colossal Apostle will want to devour this collection, edited by Dr. Price with an introductory essay by him.

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