Tellectual Press

Books that make you think. That’s what Tellectual Press is all about: providing thought-provoking, insightful reading material to readers whose intellectual capacity we respect more than our popular culture does.

We give free expression to carefully considered ideas with books that are meticulously edited and beautifully typeset. Each title is published simultaneously in print and e-book versions, accompanied by cover art and illustrations that lead the reader’s eye into text worth thinking about.

We respect our authors not just with our careful presentation of their prose, but by offering a fair, convenient, and realistic alternative to self-publishing. We have no pretensions of being a “real” publisher with all the name cachet and bookstore placement those guys promise. (Bookstores–remember them?) Forget about the “big six”: We’re not even in the “big sixty.” But we are pretty good at what we do.

Take a look at our offerings, our authors, or some excerpts and announcements of our stuff.