Blaming Jesus for Jehovah

Rethinking the Righteousness of Christianity

Here is the conflict, and an incurable one: the sheer logical impossibility that God and Jesus, as defined by the Christian creeds, could have commanded and taught the hateful things the Bible says they commanded and taught, and still be loving, just, forgiving, and merciful.
—Introduction, Blaming Jesus for Jehovah

Christians consider their religion virtually synonymous with morality, believing there can be no moral standard without a God to guarantee it, no moral behavior without belief in God and knowledge of his commandments. Disbelievers are objects of their suspicion, tarred with labels like “relativist” and “nihilist.” But buried under the benign and placid surface of their own theology lies a ticking moral time bomb, and most of them have never realized the sinister implications of what they purport to believe.

Having his loins girt with a lifelong regard for rational truth, wearing the breastplate of former fundamentalism and the helmet of biblical scholarship, Dr. Robert M. Price does some bomb squad investigation around the deadly and hidden charge lurking under the moral foundations of Christianity.

Includes a Foreword by Dr. Valerie Tarico, author of Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light.


This book is written by the man most comparable in our day to the great 19th century communicator Robert G. Ingersoll. In it, Price bypasses the usual cadre of apologists and clergy gatekeepers by taking his case directly to the fleeced flock of sheep still caged in their pew stalls. This book will liberate many of them, guaranteed!”
Blaming Jesus for Jehovah is a masterpiece of scholarship. In accessible, clear, and plain language it exposes the moral bankruptcy of Christianity.
Evaluating scripture from the perspective of an unbeliever, but with the academic expertise of one who learned his way out of belief, Dr. Price illustrates significant problems with the core concepts of Christianity, problems which are remarkably even worse than the fact that there’s no discernible truth to any of it.
Like Islam’s derivative text, the Qur’an, [the Bible’s] pages are filled with tribalism, misogyny, animal cruelty, slavery, and slaughter at the hand or command of God, and treating the book as a blueprint for living has caused centuries of unspeakable cruelty. In Blaming Jesus for Jehovah, Price shows that trying to separate Old Testament from New–trying to separate Jesus from Jehovah–doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it is impossible.”